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Vitamin W on Chanel Bonfire

Vitamin W
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Many thanks to Vitamin W and Amy Willard Cross for including Chanel Bonfire in the piece “Telling Your Life Story Without Limitations” along with Orange Is The New Black by Piper Kerman, Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala and Her by Christa Parravani.  Click the link below to read it:


Connie Martinson Talks Chanel Bonfire

The Doyenne of the West Coast Literary Scene, Connie Martinson.

I had a wonderful time discussing Chanel Bonfire with the wonderful, insightful reader Connie Martinson on her show “Connie Martinson Talks Books”.  She’s read everything, talked to everyone and truly appreciates a good story well told.  Her shows are all archived on her You Tube Channel and it’s a wonderful way to hear authors, including Barack Obama, talk about their work, their process and much more.


USA TODAY!  Today!

Chanel BonfireBy Wendy Lawless
Gallery Books, 295 pp.
*** 1/2
Wendy Lawless’s biting memoir recounts her unstable childhood under the care — if you’d call it that — of her neglectful socialite mother, Georgann Rea. With Wendy and her sister Robin as props in her glamorous world, Georgann is a larger-than-life terror in a string of darkly comic anecdotes. She locks her children in a closet for hours, forces them to give back their Christmas presents and kidnaps them from their father, and that’s all before puberty. Then mommy dearest gets overly friendly with the first boy Wendy says she has a crush on. Colorful locales, from Minneapolis trailer parks to lavish London town houses, flash by in this shocking story of two sisters’ survival despite their mother’s mental illness. It’s a quick but powerful read that you can only wish was fiction. — Lindsay Deutsch

From Chanel Bonfire

My mother did finish her book, “Somebody Turn Off the Wind Machine” and it was optioned by Columbia Pictures by the famous fellow (and his daughter) in this photo. Sadly, the film was never made. Can anyone guess who was attached to play my mother? Think hot in the 80’s. Go!


Four Stars from People, people!
And I’ll keep posting this offer periodically: If your book club is reading Chanel, I’d be happy to schedule a Skype Q & A with you!  If you all are having coffee or tea, I’ll have coffee or tea on my end!  Cocktails?  Cocktails!