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Connie Martinson Talks Chanel Bonfire

The Doyenne of the West Coast Literary Scene, Connie Martinson.

I had a wonderful time discussing Chanel Bonfire with the wonderful, insightful reader Connie Martinson on her show “Connie Martinson Talks Books”.  She’s read everything, talked to everyone and truly appreciates a good story well told.  Her shows are all archived on her You Tube Channel and it’s a wonderful way to hear authors, including Barack Obama, talk about their work, their process and much more.


Ricki Lake Show — Chanel Bonfire

Good advice from Joan Didion in my dressing room at The Ricki Lake Show…

And lots of fun with producer Josh Sabarra backstage.

It was a wonderful day and amazing to meet Ricki and sign her copy of Chanel Bonfire.  We had a great discussion about the book and moms and madness and how you survive.  The show titled “Extreme Moms” will air on May 20th!