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We Interrupt Boston Rock Week for…

A quick reminder that if you’re going to be in Southern California this weekend, I’ll be at the fabulous West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday!  I’m on a great memoir panel at 1:30PM and will be available afterward to talk and sign copies of Chanel Bonfire which will also be available for purchase!

Now back to Boston Rock Week for a brief mention  of…
Oedipus (aka Edward Hyson)

He was the world’s first punk rock dj.  He started with a punk show at MIT (WTBS now WMBR) in 1975 — the first in the country.  And then in 1977 convinced WBCN to hire him.  He had pink hair when I met him through Amy (Wachtel aka The Night Nurse) when she was interning at the station and renting a room from my mother and seemed at the time wise and mysterious.  He turned out to be neither but he did change radio airplay in Boston and–probably through the influence of thousands of college students returning to their hometowns all over the states–all over the country.


Go to: for all the info!

The Night Nurse

Amy “Night Nurse” Wachtel

My friend Amy (featured in Chanel Bonfire) was the midwife for my introduction to the Boston music scene and, according to Mother, to my “fucking rock-n-roll lifestyle”.  We met at BU and even though we both left, Amy for Emerson and me for my job at the nuthouse aka home in Belmont, we’ve remained friends all these years.  Amy was interning at WBCN while she was at BU and took me to every club and concert she could get on the list for.  She introduced me to Oedipus, the world’s first punk rock dj and through him and his show, Madness and my other lifelong music friend, sax player, Lee Thompson.  Amy’s never left the music scene.  She lives in New York now and has a regular reggae show on Radio Lily which broadcasts live from Miss Lily’s Variety and Bake Shop and Melvin’s Juice Box at 130 W. Houston St. (at Sullivan) in New York City.  Check the schedule and go see her!  Or listen on line or download a podcast.


Rock and Roll Lifestyles

She of the “rock and roll lifestyle”!

My friend Amy Wachtel, the Parliament smoking, Camaro driving rock-n-roll grrl from BU and WBCN, who was locked in our bathroom for eight hours and then told the world of Boston rock about it with me in New York.  She’s still a rock and roll chick.  Check out her “Night Nurse” radio show at