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Monday Morning Madness!

Mr. Lee “Kix” Thompson striking a moody pose in a call box.

If it is true, as the song said, that “music saves the mortal soul”, then I have many bands to thank for saving mine, including: T. Rex, David Bowie, Roxy Music, Elton John, Human Sexual Response, and Madness.  Lee and I met at WBCN in Boston on Madness’ first trip to the States and, as you’ll see in the book, he almost lost his sax to my mother’s insanity.

Rock and Roll Lifestyles

She of the “rock and roll lifestyle”!

My friend Amy Wachtel, the Parliament smoking, Camaro driving rock-n-roll grrl from BU and WBCN, who was locked in our bathroom for eight hours and then told the world of Boston rock about it with me in New York.  She’s still a rock and roll chick.  Check out her “Night Nurse” radio show at