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Congratulations Goodreads Giveaway Winners!


Congratulations Erika from Austin, TX, Julio from Portland, CT, Jill from Downer’s Grove, IL, Alyson from Wheat Ridge, CO, and Tracy from Southfield, MI!  Out of over 1,600 entries, you’ve won free copies of Chanel!  You should receive them this week if you haven’t already.  And if any of you choose the book for a book group, I’d be happy to Skype with you and answer any questions you all might have.  I’ve done it with many groups all over the world and it’s always a terrific time!



Thanks to the Ebell!

Thanks to the Ebell Club of Los Angeles for a fantastic day, discussion, reading and lunch!
I love meeting readers and sharing stories of childhoods good and bad, mothers evil and not, and obstacles overcome.  It’s gratifying that my book has touched so many.
Remember if your Book Group or Club is reading Chanel, I’d be happy to set up a Skype with you during your discussion period.  It’s part of my virtual book tour!  I’ve done tons of them with groups large and small from Bermuda to Burbank and everywhere in between!  Just email me at to set one up!

My Virtual Book Tour Continues

Grateful to be in such wonderful company!

Hope Ingram and her Cincinnati Book Club.
These ladies were fabulous fun to talk with.  I always get as good as I give with a terrific group.  I love learning about them and seeing the ways in which my book takes on a life of its own when read and discussed and incorporated into the lives of others.  Thank you!

If your group is planning to read Chanel Bonfire, I’d love to Skype with you too!  Contact me at 


The Great Migration – Chanel Bonfire

The Great Migration: from Summer Stock in North Carolina to the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and, of course, divorce.

In the Smoky Mountains.
Having a wonderful time Skype-ing with Book Groups!  If you’re group is reading Chanel Bonfire I’d be happy to do a live Q & A with you.  Just email me at 

Book Group Skype

I LOVE Skyping with Book Clubs about Chanel Bonfire.  It’s a wonderful way to travel around the country and the world.  It’s so gratifying to hear how people are connecting with the book.  And it’s great to hear everyone else’s stories and answer questions as well.

Bonnie Hughes and the gals from Nokesville, VA.  Thanks, ladies!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the event in West Hollywood last night!  And thanks to BookSoup!  It was a smashing success.  Looking forward to Books, Inc. in San Francisco on March 9th!

I wish I could get to every indie bookstore, everywhere!  Darn those pesky kids and their breakfasts, lunches, school activities and suppers!  But if your book group is planning to read Chanel, I’d be happy to do a Skype Q&A with you!  Just let me know via my email:  Thanks for reading!

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