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Arkansas Book Club Skype!

Larger than life.
Such a fun time with the Book and Cocktail Club of Fayetteville, Arkansas, last week!  These gals are fun and funny and we all had a terrific time.  I love the virtual book tour because, I get spend real time with readers — talking and listening.  Book store readings and public appearances are great but nothing beats a sit-down with a glass of wine and true dialogue.  Thanks, ladies!
If your book club is reading Chanel, I’d be happy to Skype or Facetime with you.  Just contact me via email.

Next Chapter Book Club Skype!

Thanks to The Next Chapter Book Club for a truly fun Saturday night!  I can’t tell you how much fun we had and I can’t believe how lucky I am to get to meet so many interesting and thoughtful people.  Chanel was our starting point but there was no end to what we could all discuss and share.

It couldn’t be easier to set up a Skype or FaceTime Q & A with me.  Just email at  Whether you’re around the corner or around the world, we can get together.  Cheers!


My Virtual Book Tour Continues

Grateful to be in such wonderful company!

Hope Ingram and her Cincinnati Book Club.
These ladies were fabulous fun to talk with.  I always get as good as I give with a terrific group.  I love learning about them and seeing the ways in which my book takes on a life of its own when read and discussed and incorporated into the lives of others.  Thank you!

If your group is planning to read Chanel Bonfire, I’d love to Skype with you too!  Contact me at 


Book Group Skype

I LOVE Skyping with Book Clubs about Chanel Bonfire.  It’s a wonderful way to travel around the country and the world.  It’s so gratifying to hear how people are connecting with the book.  And it’s great to hear everyone else’s stories and answer questions as well.

Bonnie Hughes and the gals from Nokesville, VA.  Thanks, ladies!