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Valerie Harper and Chanel Bonfire

We interrupt this holiday weekend to remind you that…

So if you live in Southern California or you’re visiting the Los Angeles area for the Memorial Day weekend, check out Vicki Abelson’s website and get a ticket.  In Chanel, I describe visiting my father in the summers and him taking Robbie and me to Dayton’s department store in Minneapolis to buy playclothes which we never had in New York.  Dayton’s is the store in front of which Mary Tyler Moore tosses her hat into the air in the opening credits to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, co-starring none other than my reading buddy this Tuesday, Valerie Harper.  Small world.


Betty Confidential

“If ‘Mommie Dearest’ and ‘Running With? Scissors’ Had a Love Child” — Meet Wendy Lawless, Author of This Summer’s Hottest Read, “Chanel Bonfire”

Meet the author of “Chanel Bonfire,” a must-read memoir of a fashionista-goldigger mother in the swinging ’70s.

The Fabulous Harvey Helms

Interviews me today on his amazing blog Betty Confidential.  LOVE him.  Read more at