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Come Fly With Me!

The new paperback edition of Chanel is out today!  And it’s being featured at the Hudson News Store in all your favorite airports!  Perfect for vacation reading!

Both the photo of my mother, Georgann Rea and the one of me and my sister Robin were taken by my late step-father, Oliver Rea.  The new edition also includes the first chapter of the sequel, Heart of Glass due out in March 2016!
Happy Summer!  Happy Reading!


Congratulations Emma Roberts!

A BIG SHOUT-OUT to my reader and Twitter buddy, Emma Roberts!
Her terrifically fun, subversive family comedy opened yesterday with sneaks Tuesday night and it is going to blow the roof off the box office this weekend.  Everyone should go see it!  Last laugh of the summer!  

And don’t forget to take your Kindle or iPad so you can read Chanel Bonfire while you’re waiting for the film to start.  It was on Emma’s Summer Reading list ( shouldn’t it be on yours?

Beach Reads

Many thanks to Emma Roberts, The Spartansberg Herald, Jeannette Walls, Oprah Magazine, NPR Books and others who’ve included Chanel Bonfire on their summer reading lists!  I am just finishing Cloud Atlas and about to dig into “Where the Peacocks Sing” by Alison Singh Gee, “The Rules of Inheritance” by Claire Bidwell Smith and Amor Towles’s novella “Eve In Hollywood”.  Happy Reading, Everyone!


Betty Confidential

“If ‘Mommie Dearest’ and ‘Running With? Scissors’ Had a Love Child” — Meet Wendy Lawless, Author of This Summer’s Hottest Read, “Chanel Bonfire”

Meet the author of “Chanel Bonfire,” a must-read memoir of a fashionista-goldigger mother in the swinging ’70s.

The Fabulous Harvey Helms

Interviews me today on his amazing blog Betty Confidential.  LOVE him.  Read more at