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Writing From Readers

Reading Chanel in Texas while waiting at Little League!
I just want to give a shout-out to all the readers who take the time to write reviews on Goodreads or Amazon or send pictures of Chanel like the one above or email me…  

          Dear Wendy,
          I finished your book on Sunday and have recommended it to at least 4 people. 
          Including my own little sister (I’ll have to time her finishing it with arriving with 
          Kleenex and martinis).

Or Tweet…
          Katherine ?@gentilek
Best book I’ve read in a looong time. Highly recommend! 
Started #ChanelBonfire by @WendyLawless2 today and I cannot put it 
It is humbling and gratifying to know that the book generates such enthusiasm!  I hope everyone is enjoying or surviving their hot and sticky Augusts!
If you get a chance, Tweet me @wendylawless2 , post on the Chanel Bonfire Facebook page or email me at  And, as always, if your book group is reading Chanel, I’d be happy to set up a Skype Q & A with you.  You can look for Chanel on Pinterest and Tumblr as well!

Small World: Chanel Bonfire Travels

Chanel Bonfire in Bavaria

While I’m home and library bound, working on the sequel to Chanel, the book, in the hands and on the Kindles and iPads of readers is out and about, travelling the country and the globe.  I get a big kick out of pics like the one above (Tweeted by reader SM Giffin) or the one below (Tweeted from Little League practice).
Chanel Bonfire in Texas

I love hearing from readers who are enjoying the book.  If you’d like to send in or Tweet pictures, I’ll put them up on the Chanel Bonfire Pinterest Board.  And if your book group is reading Chanel, I’d be happy to Skype with and talk about the book and answer questions.  You can email me at or reach me through my Twitter handle @wendylawless2.  Happy Reading and Thank you!