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Treasure of Las Flores del Vicio

Carrol Baker as Treasure in Las Flores del Vicio

After their success with “Summer House”, Mother and Marian Montgomery kept working together and wrote music and songs for Silvio Narizzano’s Las Flores del Vicio (released in the US as Bloodbath).  It’s an insane phantasmagoria of sex and surreal indulgence set (and shot) in Spain that was locked up in a vault by the Spanish censors under General Franco.  It’s kind of Bunuel meets Hammer Horror and stars  Dennis Hopper at his craziest and most drugged out.  Carrol Baker’s character, Treasure, sings Mother and Marian’s final song as she dies in a fountain at the end.  It became a straight to drive-in and then video release in the US. in 1979 after the reels were finally freed.  You can see a clip by clicking on the link.


Bombshells & Bombs

Bombshells and bombs...

Carroll Baker replaced this iconic Hollywood actress as Treasure in Las Flores del Vicio.  Shelly Winters was fired after falsely phoning in her measurements, and not being able to fit in to the wardrobe for the part.  My mom, Georgann Rea, another species of bombshell altogether was in Spain for the shoot.  Carroll Baker sings one of her songs as she dies in a fountain.  It’s hard to say which was more debauched, the shoot or the film.


One minute and 45 seconds of LAS FLORES DEL VICIO, and believe me, that’s enough.

Mother ran off to Spain with her pals Win Wells (here in the blue and white shirt, and heavy eyeliner) and Silvio Narizzano (Director of “Georgy Girl”), to write songs for the movie. Carroll Baker sings one while she drowns in a fountain during a wild party. Dennis Hopper also starred. 

Oh, and quiz for the day: Who was originally cast in the Carroll Baker role but fired when she arrived in Spain too big to fit any of her costumes?