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Happy Return to the Scene of the Crime

I had a wonderful time at my old school, Beaver Country Day in Boston, talking to a number of classes of students in the theater and then reading and signing books for alumni in the afternoon.

People who knew me then frequently say that they had no idea what kind of craziness was going on in my life (although my mother’s arrest at my sister’s Beaver graduation kind of opened a window).  Mostly that was because I was afraid to let anyone know.  As I say in the book, covering it up was my full-time job.  

But kids like the students I met at Beaver are eager to know and ask lots of questions about how I survived — I suspect because some of them are going through their own difficult times.  One of the reasons I wrote the book was that I was hoping young people would read it and know that they’re not alone and don’t have to be alone.  


With my incredibly brave sister, Robin, co-heroine of Chanel making her first return to Beaver since the cops showed up.