Wendy Wasserstein and the Chanel Bonfire Sequel

In 1989 I got my first job on Broadway, understudying in The Heidi chronicles.  I went on in January of 1990 and then took over my roles in February and began a wonderful nine months with the play.

Researching the sequel to Chanel, “Heart of Glass”, (and trying to remember what happened!) it’s been marvelous to revisit the play I did on Broadway, and learn more about Wendy Wasserstein. I fondly recall her kindness to me, her marvelous laugh, and all those times she took the cast to Sardi’s and Orso. The Heidi Chronicles really stands up – rereading it twenty-five years later. Keep the faith!


2 thoughts on “Wendy Wasserstein and the Chanel Bonfire Sequel

  1. Oops sorry for the delay. Yes! And it was so interesting to reread them as a woman of a certain age! When I was performing them, I related less to the "older" characters, but now they really resonate with me. Looking forward to the new production with Elizabeth Moss as Heidi. Should be interesting, and it's time for a revival.

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