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I Love Target

On the shelf and in the Emerging Authors Section at Target
Ever since my first visit to Target while in Ohio visiting my in-laws I’ve been in love with its quality, selection and convenience.  We jokingly pronounced it Tar-jeh back then because it was far and away the classiest big box store ever.  And since, at the time, I was living in Manhattan where the closest thing was a rather crappy Lamston’s variety store on Sixth Avenue, Target seemed even more spectacular.  It was created by the Dayton-Hudson department store chain in Minneapolis and imbued with their historically stylish and trend conscious DNA.  Dayton’s is the store in front of which Mary Tyler Moore tosses her beret in the opening credits of the Mary Tyler Moore show.  It was also where my stepmother Sarah, always very stylish and classy, worked for a time.  So for all of these reasons as well as such fantastic access to new readers, I am thrilled that the beautiful Chanel Bonfire paperback can be found at Target!

Chanel Bonfire 2014

Beautiful Chanel Ads in Vogue, Lucky and Allure
Gorgeous ads in the Winter glossies including the VOGUE with brilliant Jessica Chastain on the cover who would, btw, be marvelous as my beautiful but damned mother!
Many thanks to the artists and writers at Gallery Books and Simon & Schuster for the ads.  And don’t forget, the Chanel paperback is now available at Target in their Emerging Authors Section!

Chanel Bonfire Now At Target!

I am very very grateful and flattered to be chosen by Target for their Emerging Authors Program and super excited that Chanel will be available in over 1,700! Target stores nationwide starting today!  

And if you don’t have a Target near you, you can order it from them online!’s new_3&intc=1051587|null