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Reaching out through Book Group Skypes and more!

Cindy Chapman and her awesome St. Louis Book Group

I had SO much fun with these gals from St. Louis talking about Chanel Bonfire, writing, moms, “crazy” and “blue nightgowns”.  I love hearing from readers and especially getting to chat and hang out.  As readers will know, I was born in Kansas City and lived in Minneapolis (and my husband’s family lived in Ohio) but don’t get to spend as much time in the mid-west as I like.  So I was doubly grateful for this little virtual trip.  

There’s no way with two kids, a dog, a husband and a sequel to write that I can get to as many of the great bookstores and libraries around the country as I’d like.  Skyping (or FaceTiming) was a way I thought of to connect with readers without the travel.  And as it turns out, I like it better than book signings and readings because instead of a minute or two, I get an hour or so to really meet people and hear their insights and their own stories.  

If your group is reading or planning to read Chanel and would like to do a Skype Q&A, email me at and we’ll schedule it!

If you are a member of a large group or organization that you think might like to have me speak about the book or “Mother Daughter Relationships,” “Surviving A Difficult Childhood,” or “Dealing with Mental Illness in a Family” you can click on the Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau button on the right for more information.

Happy Reading!