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Buzzfeed: The Unofficial Emma Roberts Reading List Part 1

Emma Roberts on set reading.
This summer has brought many new friends and surprises through book signings, speaking engagements, Book Group Skypes, email, Facebook and Twitter.  One of the great ones has been Emma Roberts.  I’m flattered and delighted that she likes Chanel Bonfire.  And I’m grateful that she has said so in public on Twitter, in July’s Glamour Magazine and now on BuzzFeed.  I am also very impressed that a young person with so much talent and a fanbase that has been growing since before her hit Nick series Zoe 101, has chosen to define herself so thoroughly as a reader.  The first part of her extended list on BuzzFeed can be found via the link below — it is deep, rich, eclectic and fun.  And I’m proud to have a book on it.