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Marion Montgomery & Mother

Mother’s friend, singer Marion Montgomery doing “Close Your Eyes” with Dudley Moore on piano.

In London Mother turned from writing poetry to writing songs with her new friend and fellow expat Marian (later changed to Marion) Montgomery.  Marion knew where Mother was coming from.  She’d been born Maud Runnells in Natchez, Mississippi, and got the hell out of there as soon as she could and started singing in clubs in Atlanta.  Later, at a gig in Chicago, Peggy Lee saw her and convinced Capitol Records to sign her.  In 1965 she went to London to sing with John Dankworth (later Cleo Laine’s husband) and fell in love with English pianist, musical director, (and arranger for Englebert Humperdink)  Laurie Holloway.  The two married and became well known in the British jazz and caberet scene.  Mother met Marian at a party and the two began writing songs together.  One, “The Summer House”, Marion sang live on the BBC.  Another was used in Silvio Narizzano’s (Georgy Girl) film Bloodbath.  More on that tomorrow!

Spotify Playlist Added to Chanel Bonfire!

The first half of the list is 60s New York and early 70s London — my mother’s music.  Then we transition to the glam and glitter of my London experience and into the punk and new wave Boston rock scene of the late 70s that we listened to on WBCN.

I hope you like it.  Feel free to make your own variations on Spotify!