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School’s Out! And In!


I’m always flattered when a teacher uses my book in a discussion on memoir or workshop on telling one’s own story.  And I was thrilled to be back in the UCLA classroom of the great writer and brilliant teacher Alison Singh Gee.  If you haven’t read her wonderful book, “Where The Peacocks Sing” you should.  Just click on the Amazon link to the right and order it for your Kindle or have a copy delivered!  And you can also check out her author page at MacMillan:  Alison Singh Gee


Wendy Lawless at the West Hollywood Book Fair

The program schedule is out for the 2013 West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday, September 29th in West Hollywood Park.  

I’ll be appearing on a terrific panel called “MEMOIR: FAMILY TIES” at the Behind the Screens Stage at 1:30PM.

The panel will be moderated by Rachel Resnick great writer and author of, among others, LOVE JUNKIE.  CHANEL BONFIRE and I will be sharing the stage with Scott C. Johnson (THE WOLF AND THE WATCHMAN), Linda Daly (THE LAST PILGRIMAGE) and James Brown (THE LOS ANGELES DIARIES).

I hope to see you there!


Jeannette Walls

“Reality is just so interesting, why would you want to escape it.”

Jeannette Walls, author of the wonderful and inspiring Glass Castle, talks to The New York Times Book Review this Sunday about her love of memoirs and what she’s been reading and liking including Chanel Bonfire.  I’m honored and grateful for the shout-out.  Use the link to read the conversation and get information about her new book and first novel, “The Silver Star”.

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