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Stories of Child Survivors

I’m always gratified  when Chanel Bonfire touches someone and I enjoy hearing their extraordinary stories of  childhoods lived in adversity of one kind and another.

At my Glendale Public Library event, I was introduced by this charming man, Leon Mayer, who runs the community outreach committee there. Leon had read my book, and shared his story with me. When he was ten, his dad died, and his mentally ill mom gambled away their savings on the stock market, leaving them destitute. He ended up in a Jewish orphanage – which he loved. There were three meals a day, a bed with clean sheets ,he played sports and went to school. He went on to become a lawyer. It was a pleasure to meet this dapper fellow.


Thanks to the Glendale Public Library

How are YOU celebrating National Library Week?!

While Holly Golightly was researching the richest men in Brazil under 40, I was at the Glendale Public Library having a terrific time!  Thanks to everyone who came out and to Leon Mayer of the Friends of the Library, The Mayor of Glendale, Frank Quintero and State Assemblyman Mike Gatto for the lovely gifts and kind words about me and Chanel Bonfire.  You’re all darlings!


Goodreads Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to Courtney Cook of Strongsville, Ohio, and Jeanna Wersebe of Morro Bay, California!

Your Chanel Bonfire audiobooks will go out this week!  Stay tuned for more Goodreads Giveaways.  And if anyone is the Los Angeles area tonight, I’ll be speaking, reading and answering questions at the Glendale Public Library’s kick-off event for National Library Week.  Stop by at 7PM 222 E. Harvard St., Glendale, CA 91205.  Hope to see you there!


Chanel on Tour April 15th 7PM Glendale Public Library

Don’t you think we need a Chanel Bonfire Tour Bus?

I’ll work on it.  Maybe add some flames!  In the meantime, you can come see me, ask questions, get books signed and talk about Chanel Bonfire, crazy moms and anything else you like at the Glendale Public Library in Glendale, CA on April 15th at 7PM.

If you can’t make that and your book group is reading Chanel, I’d be happy to arrange a Skype Q&A with you.  Just shoot me an email at !


Los Angeles Area Reading and Discussion

Chanel Bonfire: A Memoir

With Wendy Lawless 

Monday, April 15, 7:00 p.m.

Central Library Auditorium
222 East Harvard Street
Glendale, CA 91205
Information: 818-548-2042

Actress and author Wendy Lawless discusses her stunning memoir about her unconventional, heartbreaking childhood with an unstable alcoholic and suicidal mother and the unusual strength that allowed her to rise above it all.

By the time Wendy Lawless turned seventeen, she’d known for quite some time that she didn’t have a normal mother. But that didn’t stop her from wanting one.

Georgann Rea didn’t bake cookies or go to PTA meetings; she wore a mink coat and always had a lit Dunhill plugged into her cigarette holder. She had slept with too many men, and some women, and she didn’t like dogs or children. Georgann had the ice queen beauty of a Hitchcock heroine and the cold heart to match.

In this evocative, darkly humorous memoir, Wendy deftly charts the highs and lows of growing up with her younger sister in the shadow of an unstable, fabulously neglectful mother. Georgann, a real-life Holly Golightly who constantly reinvents herself as she trades up from trailer-park to penthouse, suffers multiple nervous breakdowns and suicide attempts, while Wendy tries to hide the cracks in their fractured family from the rest of the world.

Chanel Bonfire depicts a childhood blazed through the refined aeries of The Dakota and the swinging townhouses of London, while the girls’ beautiful but damned mother desperately searches for glamour and fulfillment. Ultimately, they must choose between living their own lives and being their mother’s warden.

The program is sponsored by the Library, Arts & Culture Department.

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A terrific story from my local paper:,0,6937945.story

Special thanks to Liana Aghajanian for a wonderful write-up.  And don’t forget, I’ll be answering questions, reading and signing books at the Glendale Public Library on April 15th at 7PM.  See you there!