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Adieu, l’été! Auf Wiedersehen, Sommer! ?????????? ????????, ????! Goodbye, Summer! ??????Selamat tinggal, musim panas!

Labor Day weekend is the traditional end of Summer in the United States.  This has been a particularly hot one in Southern California where I live.  And I’ve spent most of it hunkered down at my desk or in an air-conditioned library working on the sequel to Chanel Bonfire.  But I’ve also–via Skype and Facetime, Twitter and Facebook and this blog–been able to meet and talk to many wonderful people who’ve read Chanel and want to discuss it, ask questions or share their own stories of childhood, mothers and sisters.  I’ve made friends with readers in England, France, Germany, Australia, Russia, Latvia, Japan, China, Indonesia, Brazil and many other places as well.  Thank you all for reading the book and sharing your friendship.  Here’s to a wonderful autumn… or spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere!  

The Chanel Bonfire paperback will be out in November!  Just in time for the holidays.

And remember, if your book group is reading Chanel and would like to schedule a Q & A with me via Skype or FaceTime just email me at!