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March Madness 34 Flavours


thirty four flavours

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Many thanks to this great blog for the insightful reading and review of Chanel.  You will have a lot of fun on this blog: well written opinion on subjects from concerts to books to nail polish and lots of interesting pictures and ideas.

thirty four flavours


Hallo, ?????, ??????, ??, ????? ???, Salam, ????, Bonjour, Halo, ???? ???, halló, ??????, ?????, Ciao, ?????? ¡Hola, Hello! from Chanel Bonfire

Chanel Bonfire in Bavaria

I am thrilled to see that so many people from around the world–Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, India, Pakistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Iceland and Canada to name a few–are enjoying the blog!  And I just wanted to say to everyone:

Hallo, ?????, ??????, ??, ????? ???, Salam, ????, Bonjour, Halo, ???? ???, halló, ??????, ?????, Ciao, ?????? ¡Hola, Hello! from Chanel Bonfire.

If you take a picture of the book or yourself and the book wherever you are in the world, I’d love to put them on the blog and on the Pinterest Board.  Just send it to me at!

Thanks for tuning in!


Uncle Chuck’s River

Me and Robbie on Uncle Chuck’s River

My father’s hometown, Brockville, where he would take us sometimes in the Summer is on the St. Lawrence River in Ontario just downstream from The Thousand Islands and just north west of New York State.  We called it Uncle Chuck’s River because our Uncle Chuck (my father’s brother-in-law) lived in a house on stilts over the St. Lawrence.  

Canadian Summers

Me and Robbie with Uncle Chuck
Some times when we’d go to Minneapolis to see our dad, he’d take us to Canada to spend time with our cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents in Ontario.  Uncle Chuck lived on a house on stilts over the St. Lawrence river.  He was a lot of fun in the summers.  You could fish through a hole cut in the basement floor over the river.