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ASL — The American School in London

Our old school in London, ASL (The American School in London).  The school was started in the 50s but this building, where Robbie and I went was begun in 1968 and finished in 1970.  The cornerstone was laid by Ambassador Walter Annenberg and The Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher, MP, then secretary of state for education and science (aka at that time, Margaret Thatcher Milk Snatcher) spoke at the dedication.

The campus is in St. John’s Wood.  I’m guessing the fortress-like street presence was developed to counter terrorist threats.  In the early 70s, for us, it was the IRA who called in a couple of bomb threats to the school.  We were happy there amongst the army, oil, CIA and State Department brats.  We were the swinging divorcee brats and got to see Elton John and do our first acting.

I kissed Sam Robards in my first play — strictly a stage kiss.  And was seen by Alan Parker and asked to audition for a movie he was making: Bugsy Malone.  I didn’t get it; Jodie Foster did.

But I wasn’t disappointed.  With Mother happy and occupied by new people and parties and songwriting, Robbie and I were free and for a couple of teenagers in 70s London, that was easily as much fun as making a movie.