All In The Timing 20th Anniversary

Before I became a mom, before I started writing, I was an actress who had the privilege of working with these two wonderful gentlemen…

The delightful Robert Stanton, your author, and the brilliant David Ives at Primary Stage’s 20th Anniversary Production of “All In The Timing” in New York City.  The original production, an off-Broadway smash, was my last appearance on the stage and the show during which my son, Harry, was conceived.  My dear friend and dressing roommate, Nancy Opel, helped me conceal the truth as long as possible by secretly moving the buttons on my costume!


2 thoughts on “All In The Timing 20th Anniversary

  1. So has the acting bug bitten your son???
    BTW saw the ORIGINAL production with you and Nancy—Your name as author didn’t click in till halfway through.
    What a wonderful, harrowing tale. How is it some DO survive; indeed flourish, despite our beginnings…

    1. No, I don’t think either of my kids wants to be a performer. All in the Timing was a wonderful experience, and Nancy is truly the funniest (and sweetest) woman on the planet. I’m glad you liked Chanel and thanks for saying so.

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