The Life of an Actress …


Here I am in the ladies’ dressing room backstage at the Public Theatre in New York City, 1987 – playing an unnamed Lady-in-Waiting in a production of CYMBELINE. The show was set, somewhat controversially, in the Victorian period. There were quite a few surprises during the run of the show; we were eviscerated in the press, I almost went on for Joan Cusack (I was her understudy) ¬†leading to Joe Papp seeing me in my scanties, and it turned out that the director, JoAnne Akalaitis, had been my teenage baby-sitter when I lived in a trailer park at age three. The cast had a marvy time drinking at Indochine after the show, and devouring steak frites at Florent in the wee hours downtown. Even though we were in a bomb, we had … a blast.


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