It’s Reigning Men …


I took my daughter to the Los Angeles Museum of Art yesterday to see the Reigning Men exhibit, a collection of menswear spanning over the last four hundred years or so. My favorites were the way out designs of Rudi Gernreich, who made a psychedelic mumu for men – a kind of fabulous house coat, and other Brit designers like Vivienne Westwood and Tommy Nutter, who designed clothes for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones from his shop on Savile Row. This leather jacket was one of the last pieces in the show – it reminded me of all the times (four maybe?) I actually saw the Ramones walking down St. Mark’s Place in New York in the 80’s – that street seemed to belong to them. Four hunched-over, pale guys dressed identically in white T’s, jeans, leather jackets, and black high-top sneakers. Their dark hair long over their eyes, which were hidden behind sunglasses – made it seem as if they were vampires shutting out the light of day. I was lucky enough to see them play a concert in a high school gym in New Jersey. It was fast and loud and I loved it. Sadly, many of the Ramones are gone now. Kind of like a lot of things in New York. Gone, baby, gone.


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