Introducing the sequel to CHANEL BONFIRE, HEART OF GLASS.


I wanted to share the cover of my sequel to Chanel Bonfire, titled Heart of Glass. My dear friend, Ann Marsden, took this picture of me at her loft space in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1983. I was one lost and confused girl, and Annie became my fast friend. She was one of the smartest, wildly talented and supremely stylish people I ever met. She never wore socks in the sub-zero Minnesota weather and wore her camel colored coat unbuttoned draped around her shoulders as she drove a vintage Mercedes around town with an Astrud Gilberto cassette stuck in the tape player. When we arrived at our destination, she’d pull out a popsicle stick and jimmy the meter. Sadly, she no longer here which is why I am so happy her photo is on my new cover and she gets a credit. Love you Annie. You’ll always be with me.


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