Grey Gardens


Last night I was lucky to be taken by a girlfriend to the opening night of Grey Gardens, the musical, at the Ahmanson Theater in downtown LA. I’m a big fan of the documentary by the Maysles and the HBO movie with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, so I was curious to see how the story would be told as a musical. Who would have thought that Big Edie’s song “Jerry Loves My Corn”, sung by the incredible Betty Buckley, would bring tears to my eyes! I think the Edies’ story has always resonated with me – it’s a mother, daughter struggle to the finish – and I identify with that deeply. At the end of the musical; it’s more a chamber piece really, Little Edie decides not to leave Grey Gardens, puts her suitcase down and climbs the stairs up to her mothers’ room. Watching this moment on stage, I realized that this is how my story very well could have played out. I could have stayed with my mother, as her companion and jailer. But I escaped. The Edies didn’t. And that’s why it breaks my heart every time I see it.


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  1. Edie did not have s much courage as you. She was not as intelligent as you. She was not loved as much as you…
    She would not have made it…..

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