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One night in 1981, I accompanied my pal Lee Thompson, the sax player for the band Madness, to Bond’s International Casino in Times Square. A swanky supper club in the 1930s, then a department store, in the 1970s Bonds was reborn as a punk club with a dance floor rumored to be the biggest in town. It was a crazy scene – water fountains from Liberace’s old TV show burbled on the dance floor, silver balloons shaped like people whipped around on the ceiling looking like tortured aliens, and bare chested bartenders in gold lame shorts worked the bar. I remember the ladies’ room was filled with young women rifling through suitcases looking for one of the many different outfits they had brought to change into during the evening, or feverishly pressed against the mirror doing their make-up.  Your life is like that in your early twenties–trying on different looks, different jobs, different loves, different selves–like those girls pulling on a new dress, spike heels and jungle red lipstick, rushing out to the dance floor when they heard their favorite song. bonds-ny-1980-04-blueboy-1


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  1. I don’t remember Bonds, but had the same experiences in the late 70s early 80s at clubs such as The Palladium, the Ritz, the Limelight, Irving Plaza and the Mudd Club.

  2. Hi Wendy, I was a bartender at BOND since the first night it opened and I am looking for more pictures. Do you have any more information?



    1. Hello Frank, Thanks for checking in! I’m afraid the pictures I posted were from the web. Those were pretty crazy outfits they made you wear. I must say …

  3. Me and My BFF would go every Friday and Saturday to Bonds International and dance until all hours of the morning. It was the best place to go and relax upstairs and listen to music or dance all night. The music was the best. I went to see Soul Sonic Force it was the greatest concert. We would buy outfits during the week just for our Friday and Saturday nights. We would change our outfits throughout the night. We became well known by the bouncers and front door guy, I cant remember his name, he would let us get in without waiting on the long lines that were wrapped around the block. Oh the greatest memories, we loved Bonds and we went no where else. We were distraught when they closed the doors but again it was so long ago. That was my time and wish I can travel back and be back with the 167th Street crew, Weewee, Kiki, Saul the best crew and they treated us like queens and always watched out for us. We would dance the night away then go to White Castle and then to Orchard Beach and do it again on Saturday night. Greatest memories….

    1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing your memories of nightlife at Bond’s! We were lucky to have THE best music and so many fantastic places to go listen to it and dance the night away. Good times, indeed …

      1. They sure was. Bonds was a place where there was enough space to let your soul b free especially with the music. I would Lov the weekend because of bonds. Memories great ones. Would love to live them again. The best

    2. Hi lisa. Im totally gagging to hear the names of some of my good friends and neighbors because i too am from the 167 st crew. I live on 167 and the grand concourse and hung out with wee wee, kiki, his gorgeous brother saul, red, johnny and butchy, illena and boo boo. I dont remember you because it was so long ago and many joints have been smoked since then. I still live on 167 and miss all my friends from the block that have passed on. It would be nice to reminisce with you if possible. My name is wilfredo and i have green eyes if that helps. I still have all my records and turntables. Bonds, the loft, paradise garage, and many others brought me so much joy that i will never forget. Hope to chat with you someday lisa. Disco lives in us forever.

  4. Great place! musical stairway up to the main floor, thousands of people, HUGE dance floor, and the favorite drug punch bowl!

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