A few things people get wrong …

I’m advised not to respond to reader reviews, but sometimes it’s tempting! One recent review on Goodreads assumed that my sister and I had lost touch. Chanel Bonfire is dedicated to my sister, who I consider to be the hero of the story in many ways, and we remain close.

Another common critique is that the book has no pictures. This was an editorial decision made by my publisher, Gallery Books. You can go to the Chanel Bonfire Facebook page or the website www.chanelbonfire.com and see photos of many of the people who appear in Chanel – friends and family.

I hope that clears up a few things!


2 thoughts on “A few things people get wrong …

  1. I tried going to chanelbonfire.com and it kept taking me directly to something called Paltoon.com. Don’t know why, but I never saw the photos. My mother and I loved both your books. I am just a little older than you and so remember the look and feel of the 80s very well.

    1. Hi Diane, Because Chanel Bonfire came out over four years ago, my publishers have chosen not to continue to pay for the site so it’s no longer there. That’s actually why I put up wendylawless.com so I could communicate with my readers. There’s also a Wendy Lawless Author page on Facebook that has many photos.I’m glad you enjoyed my books! Thanks for writing to me.

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