Dearly Departed

When I started working on HEART OF GLASS, I was struck by the number of people who appear in the book who are no longer on this earth. There was the old boyfriend who I discovered had died of the flu at the age of fifty-one, and two close friends who literally dropped dead of heart attacks in their forties. Last week my wonderful old pal Morris Lafon went the way of the angels much too soon. Mo was a true artist, who moved to New York to work in downtown experimental theater in the seventies. He was friends with Janis Joplin, threw Alan Ginsburg out of his house for hitting on his friends, and snuck a bottle of vodka to Nicholas Ray in the hospital when he was dying. I will never forget Mo’s marvelous laugh, hilarious stories, his zest for life – and the time we danced the Lambada at my thirtieth birthday party. I love you Mo and you will always be with me.


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  1. Dear Wendy, My mother and Morris were a couple many moons ago in NYC. He came to visit us few times in San Diego and they kept in contact via phone calls and letters up until her death in 2012. I wrote to Morris and he was so over joyed to hear from me that he began corresponding with 15 page letters about the past, New York, Mexico, the old days. It was so touching to get letters from him and he really wanted me to come visit him in New York as he knew his time was coming to a close. This morning i was looking for photos of him online and found your blog entry. Thank you for posting about him, he was one of a kind and my knowledge of him is only a tiny percentage of his whole.

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